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After searching the world over for the best chiropractic services, it all ends here. Rockefeller Health & Medical has seen most patients through their worst days. Our main priority is to restore your health back to you through our unique and effective treatments. Most of our patients from Manhattan are pleased with the criteria we have adopted in the chiropractic field. If you reside in Midtown east or Midtown West, our services will no longer be something you only hear about. You will have the pleasure of having the firsthand experience of our professional services.


The Best Chiropractors on Board

It is our greatest honor to be serving you alongside the best chiropractors in Hell's Kitchen and its environs. Over the years, our dedicated team of chiropractors works round the clock to ensure that our patients get relief from pains and discomfort. Each of our chiropractors is a Degree holder from recognized colleges. There is no question about their ability to professionally handle all the cases that bombard them on a regular basis.

The services we offer are guaranteed to go easy on your budget. We care about your convenience and accept insurance covers including United Health Care Insurance. We understand how stressful it can sometimes be when you fall ill all of a sudden. We try as much as possible to accommodate our patients in every way including acceptance of insurance covers.

Services We Offer

If you are ever in Rockefeller Center, be sure to stop by and make consultations. The services we offer could be of great help to you or someone you know. We apply unique approaches to the target areas, and you can rest assured of a smooth journey towards recovery. Some of our services include; correction of a misaligned spinal area, professional massages techniques on affected areas and counseling on your nutritional lifestyle.

Our services are accompanied by tender loving care to help speed up the recovery process. The positive results of our professional handiwork last a lifetime provided you take proper care of yourself after that.

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Look no further for a chiropractor in Midtown because we are already here to serve you! Visit us at 22 West 48th Street Suite 705 New York NY 10036, NYC place for thorough and effective chiropractic procedures. You can also call us on (212)-388-5050 to book an appointment at Rockefeller Health & Medical.

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